O'Cathasaigh Campaign

Session 2: Dr. Dhalsim and the Danger Room

Dr. Dhalsim and the Danger Room

After using either their own puzzle solving process of elimination or their smart phone with Google cryptogram solver, the four strangers discovered that the message on the back of the card was an address and that they ought to ask for Maxwell.

Suddenly realizing that the police were still in hot pursuit as several officers barreled into a frenzied view, the mutants made little to no hesitation to make their way to the destination written on the back of the card, especially since it was only a few blocks away. Naturally, the speedster, without any reservation, made it to the door of said address in a mere breath, although it caught the eye and suspicion of a local teenage couple passing by across the street. Only after the rest of the mutant arrived at the door, and after little success of investigating the property by peering in nearby windows with little success, did anyone knock. After a moment of internal commotion, the door is opened by what appears to be a preteen with a shining disposition. After seeing the panting quartet, especially Monster, the bright face of the youth changed. Maxwell was mentioned, as the group were told to ask for him and the kid, after glancing around outside, boisterously ushered them inside with a feigned and boisterous mention of Halloween in the hopes to somehow put to rest the onlooking couple’s natural inclinations from witnessing the four oddities.

The group is ushered through the building which appears to be some kind of homeless shelter and into an office where they are asked to hold for a moment. Without any shame the speedster scans through three files sitting on the desk. One file contained paperwork and some notable images of some sort of excavation or mining, but the soil was strange and the outfits looked to be more like chemical warfare than digging. Every image was also taken at night, it seemed. Another file had a profile and history of a young man. Paperwork of records and history filled the majority of the file. The third file was a collection of accounts for recent headless hauntings.

The person who answered the front door and the Asian woman who gave the mysterious cryptogram both walked into the door. The boy asked if she was responsible for the four people in the office, and she affirmed but made ambiguity to reasons for not being able to stay which the boy understood.
Wanting to know who his guests are, the kid asks about the most recent events at the Spokane Arena. Not getting much out of them, and sincerely needing to know more about them he offers to introduce himself first. “I am Maxwell,” the kid said. “I know I look like I’m twelve, but I’m 195 years old. That’s my gift and that’s my curse. I’ve seen many lives and I’ve seen many deaths.” Maxwell continues to explain how despite popular heresy that the earth is just a random speck in floating space it is rather indeed the center of the universe, causing earth to be the convergence of a constant battle of forces. He claims that any one day there average around dozen global threats to the world. He alludes to having some involvement with such things, but quickly opens the floor for the rest to introduce themselves, which they do, in fact, for the first time for anyone present.

Understanding that the group has gone through physical pain, Maxwell takes the four to the community cafeteria and introduces them to an ugly and fat old woman with a thick accent named Tilde. A large sound worthy of caution and response forces Maxwell to leave the four in the care of Tilde who breaks from chores in the kitchen and begins a silly, even kindergarten, circle of holding hands and breathing. Despite the awkwardness and mental resistance, Tilde begins to restore their bodies and minds through her mutant powers of healing. The fullness of effect leaves them all sprawled out on the floor.

Reggie decides to investigate on the sound while the rest await downstairs for their host to return, Monster with a large mug of hot chocolate in hand from Tilde. Reggie witnesses and exchange between a few men in black with Maxwell and eventually an older gentlemen who looks like a textbook psychiatrist with a turtleneck approaches the scene and mediates until the men in black leave at which point Reggie follows Maxwell to his office.

Meanwhile, the back door of the cafeteria opens and in comes the doctor from the Arena. After a short interrogation from Monster, the doctor confesses that he was swindled, had no idea of the agenda, and thought that the whole conference was about mutant acceptance and understanding. The doctor claims that he is as surprised as Monster, if not more so, and that it was his intention to help.

After a brief interlude while Maxwell and the doctor converse, they both agree and insist to the four that they will not be able to stay; that the men who arrived at the front door will be back. However, the doctor, who introduces himself as Dr. Dhalsim and explains that he knows the professor which worked with Monster, has a place that the four can stay, at least for a little while, but it requires participation with him for some tests of which he doesn’t specify. Monster is given some clothes that actually fit.

The group consents given that they are currently being hunted and have no other place to go. They pile into Dr. Dhalsim’s van, with Monster in the back weighing down the vehicle. They’re taken to a house close to Oak and Maxwell St; a house with a massive satellite in the front lawn. After some coffee, Dr. Dhalsim unlocks a larger-than-average freezer and asks the group to walk in, which they do. After a long corridor of freezing temperatures, they take an elevator, walk another corridor that’s sweltering hot, to yet another elevator, which eventually takes them into a very white laboratory with a few workers. Each of the four new mutants strip nude, bathe, and receive a routine physical.

The next thing that they experience is walking into a massive plain room, of size greater than the Arena in which they escaped earlier that day, each of them wearing martial art gi. “Last man standing wins,” they hear in Dr. Dhalsim’s voice. Prompted, Reggie attacks Matthew and a fight ensues.



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