Cat Collar & Amulet


See photo.

Currently five circumference symbols are illuminated.


This item was found by Maverick on the collar of a kitten who was meowing up in a tree on the property owned or formerly owned by Timothy Coney. Upon excavating the amulet from the kitten, a powerful reaction occurred, triggering the animal into a hulking feline beast. Additionally, the more the group attacked the cat creature, the angrier it became.

Sources say that this amulet is a powerful ancient artifact used centuries ago to devastate and ultimately destroy the city of Atlantis, presumably by a Han Dynasty Emperor. The twelve segmented symbols are believed to represent the twelve Asian Zodiac creatures.

When the group first encountered this amulet, four of the twelve symbols were charged with a mysterious illumination. After an unexpected episode with Javier the Mexican mechanic, a fifth symbol activated the same glow.

The group decided it would be best to find a proper hiding place for this amulet until more answers come and left the responsibility of it two their comrades in Dr. Dhalsim’s laboratory.

Along with the amulet, a trinket with the name Priscilla was located on the kitten’s collar.

Cat Collar & Amulet

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