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The year is 2024. Spokane, Washington, has become a hub of attention and activity. Centralized genetic research and lab testing is conducted in secret by hidden members of society throughout the nation while the clean-faced and family friendly façade of genetic altruism through the new Deaconess Hospital, now named DECON, touts a compliant and safe atmosphere and future of genetic manipulation.

Known lusus naturae have popped up in the recent past and have been exposed to the public before being covered up in the name of protecting their identity. Whether they are identified as freaks, mutants, monsters, or abominations, it’s no longer a mystery that they live and have their being among the rest of humanity. These anomalies used to be novelties of superhuman power, such as the guy who can never get cold and climbed Mount Everest in nothing but shorts and a backpack, or the guys whose muscle never breakdown and aside from eating, sleeping, and toileting, can essentially run non-stop at incredible speed without ever needing to stop. The growing strangeness is causing growing fear and what used to be mere novelty is now turning into something more.

As time progressed, more and more occurrences surfaced. The most recent and media-spread example is of a child who can alter her molecular density to such a degree that she can pass through certain solids. She’s also enhancing the ability by much practice and increasing her performance where once she was able to pass through ice, is now about to pass through dirt. Last year a boy was born with a tail. The year before that a farmer discovered how to convert mere solar exposure into rapid oxidized combustion by some mere physical or mental transference.
What stories people knew about, whether from their favorite science fiction novel or comic book, are now regarded with mixed feelings. Perhaps stories of superheroes were told in the past to create the illusion that they couldn’t exist because that idea would just be too fantastic. Evidence from the fringes are suggesting otherwise as information that used to be covered up is seeping through the cracks and then being magnified by communication technology. At least until those who are exposing such information are found dead or have simply gone missing. What information? Well, like the idea that members from the task force named the X-Men were possibly created after real people. That is, if you consider mutants people

The Heroes

A new generation of heroes has arrived. Unsure of the full extent of their powers, they must either band together to survive, or face the world alone!

The Campaign

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